Sounds have come to fruition

About two years ago, my friend Mike Rodriguez and I made some songs. Then I moved to Denver, and he move to LA and we didn’t really hang out because of our geographical distance. Mike is music guy. He’s into producing and stuff.e revisited our little project and got it all mixed and mastered. I made some art and this is the result.


New Color!

20111002-155143.jpgMy road bike was a thrifty frankenstein, built up on someone’s old Cannondale aluminum frame. It was maroon, sparkly and dented from it’s previous owner’s race crash. With the intention of painting it grey, I had decked it out with pink cable housing and pink bar tape. On it’s maiden voyage, the first time I ever tried to stop while clipped in, I tipped right over, shredding my pretty new bar tape. I just patched it up with electrical tape and rolled around                                                                     on it like that for 2 years.


Finally I’ve mustered up the motivation and time to pull it all apart and give it a bit of a make-over.
Two hours of sanding, two coats of primer, two coats of paint (aqua blue, because the grey clashed with my components) and two coats of a glossy clear coat.  I put it all back together and wrapped it up in new bar tape. Look how pretty it is now!!



New Posters

I’m starting to have fun with these posters. Band posters are the best because you can be as arty as you want and still get good practice with page layout and such. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s nice to be making art with a productive/practical purpose. It feels like a new relationship. I have butterflies.

Here’s where these posters go when I make them:

My first gig.

So my boyfriend is a web developer and does some freelance on the side. He let me do the update work on this site.  T’was simple really. Scott Craig already designed it. I just had to replace JP Murph’s portrait as well as his dot matrix shadow with a current pic. Also, I made a couple of those sponsor logos. Good Photoshop practice. I love learning.