Cycling Jersey

You may or may not know this, but I am a graphic designer at a company that makes cycling apparel. We recently produced one of my favorite designs I’ve made so far. It is simple and clean. It has a simple concept without being overbearing with graphics. Behold.

Table Tops

Along with those walnut slabs from my earlier post will be three table tops.


Here you see them with their contact cement and then after the laminate has been adhered and routed to shape.

What did I get myself into?

Well well. I agreed to make some table tops for a coffee shop I used to work at. I was very excited to go shopping for material at a salvaged lumber yard. A little too excited I suppose. I was so thrilled when we found some giant walnut slabs that I failed to see how warped they were. This has been a learning experience so far.

Lesson one:
Don’t jump the gun, especially if you are excited about a purchase. Slow down. Be sure that what you are buying meets all your needs for the project.


Be prepared to do some creative problem solving.

Lesson Two:
Don’t try to do anything technical or precise with huge slabs of warped wood unless you have a real wood shop complete with a planer, edge joiner, and a strong shop hand.


Be prepared to do some creative problem solving.

Luckily, creative problem solving is my strongest skill. There will be lots of sanding, filling, and untraditional woodworking.


I’ve glued up these two slabs. They weren’t quite wide enough as is so added a strip of plywood sandwich down the middle. The wood being warped a bit just would not close up when I was tightening the clamps. The weight of this wood may break that joint so I plan to reinforce the piece by adding inlaid steel plates to the underside of the table. The plywood strip will be dyed turquoise to tie in with some plywood tables I’ll be making with turquoise laminate tops as if it was planned all along. (maniacal laugh).