New Color!

20111002-155143.jpgMy road bike was a thrifty frankenstein, built up on someone’s old Cannondale aluminum frame. It was maroon, sparkly and dented from it’s previous owner’s race crash. With the intention of painting it grey, I had decked it out with pink cable housing and pink bar tape. On it’s maiden voyage, the first time I ever tried to stop while clipped in, I tipped right over, shredding my pretty new bar tape. I just patched it up with electrical tape and rolled around                                                                     on it like that for 2 years.


Finally I’ve mustered up the motivation and time to pull it all apart and give it a bit of a make-over.
Two hours of sanding, two coats of primer, two coats of paint (aqua blue, because the grey clashed with my components) and two coats of a glossy clear coat.  I put it all back together and wrapped it up in new bar tape. Look how pretty it is now!!