Closet access

Our new house has these great 6′ wide closets, but the problem is that we only have a 2′ wide opening to access this abyss. So we are getting started on our closet opening renovation. We will open the doorway to 5′ wide and install sliding mirror doors.

We’ve removed the studs, moved the electrical and installed the casing. Next we will patch some drywall inside the closet and trim out the opening. Also , I will install a custom threshold which will serve two purposes. 1) To cover the gap in the flooring where the wall used to be and 2) to create a level surface (the floor is sloped) for the sliding door’s bottom track to anchor to.



I’ve moved the cleat for the shelf and rod up to 70″ from the floor to leave 40″ vertical for hanging clothes and 30″ below that for some shelving and other storage compartments.


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