Apple Top

Doing carpentry and renovations for a living leaves one with lots of downtime and scrap materials that normally get thrown away. I’m always trying to find a good, schedule-flexible way to supplement my income. So I had a few days off , some leftover scraps of bamboo flooring, and inspiration from the glass walls in Pinkberry (I am obsessed with frozen yogurt).

So it turns out, Bamboo flooring is super hard! I guess its compressed or something. This wood was so dense that shooting it with a brad nailer, 8 times out of 10 it would reject the nail. With glue and a plywood strip involved, I was able to get the top put together, but when I got to the legs I decided to skip the nails and just glue it and screw it (in pre-drilled holes of course).

This was a fun little project and I love this piece enough to say, “I’m proud of it”.


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